If you are an Executor in Evansville, IN call Estate Solvers LLC we are here to help you

Hello, are you the Personal Representative or Executor of an estate in Evansville, IN or the surrounding area? If so then please call us. Let us help you. We do the work, at no upfront cost to you. We take our commission off the final sale. Did you know our Estates Sale can turn the unwanted items of a household into cash? We consider ourselves the auction company alternative because we care enough to help you with all the little stuff. We do the work for you. Our team will clean out the closets and cabinets. We bring the boxes etc. down out of the attic. If the house is dirty, don’t you worry about it. My house is dirty at times too. Our older folks don’t clean like they use to and its understandable. Let us clean the home before the sell before anyone sees it. We take the time to care for the home and belongings. We will display, arrange all saleable items. We will determine what should be put in the trash or what should be sent to local charities. Let us help you. Call me at 812-454-4181. We are Estate Solvers LLC of Evansville. Serving Evansville Indiana and surrounding areas.