1. We provide the service you need to downsize or completely clear yours or a loved one's home.
  2. There is no job too big or too small for our team.
Here is how it works

Step   1.   A telephone call from you, we will answer any questions you might have.   Our consultation is free of charge
                  and you are under no obligation to hire our company.
Step   2.  We will arrange to visit with you to discuss how we can help you liquidate your items for sell.    Please don't
                  throw anything away.    Keep in mind most everything will sell.
Step   3.  We will discuss what you would like to sell and what the family wishes to keep, we will decide the best
                  form of action to gain the highest profit for your items.
Step   4.   We will discuss where and when you would like the sale to take place.  When you would like us to start?
Step   5.   You will remove any and all items from the house the family wishes to keep.    We ask this be done before
                   we start.    It isn't a good ideal to pull items after we start.  Once we start the ad will begin to start, photos
                   will be taken an added to the different websites.   If you pull an item after we start this isn't fair to our
Step   6.   We will use our team knowledge and start putting into motion all of our vast resources to bring you the
                  best service possible. 
Step   7.   Items will be sorted, cleaned, priced, we will begin to organize and  arrange items for the upcoming sale.  
Step   8.   Photographs will be taken for advertising and marketing of the sell.
Step 9.   We will start setting up for the sell.   We have a large selection of tables, shelves, display and clothing racks
                   which we will bring in to start  the staging for the sell.  
Step 10.    We will start to advertise on different websites, newspapers, and our potential buyers database.
Step 11.    Today is the big day.    Items will begin to sell.   We will work with the customer's to insure this day runs
                    smoothly.    Our team will sell items, wrap and package for our customers.    Customers may request a
                    markdown, we will work with the customers to insure the items sell for a fair market value price.   As the
                    day progresses items will be moved and displayed again to push items to the front of the house, or the
                    main level of the house so the customer's feel there are still plenty for them to purchase.
Step 12.    This is the end of day one of the sell.    Preparation for day two will begin.   Clean up, redisplaying, vacuum,
                   whatever needs to be done so the start of day number two will begin on time.
Step 13.    Day two, items will be marked in half so that anything that is left will hopefully sell.
Step 14.    Late in the second day we will offer more discounts to help sell anything that may be left.
Step 15.    The sell is now over.    You the customer will decide what you wish to do with the items that are left.
Step 16.    Once all checks and credit card payments have cleared the bank a check will be sent to you minus our
                   agreed fees and commissions.   It takes approx. 20 business days.  
 Step 17.   We will preform any task for you to help you complete the clean-up process.  
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